Monday, 26 September 2011

our goings on

This weekend we zipped off to Perth.
Fox's boss has had an operation so he wanted to go and see him.  He looked OK. His wife and kids was sick so we decided to go and spend the night in a hotel.

We also planed to go for a movie.  We haven't been for a movie since last year August! so the all consuming question who picked the movie!!! FOX! Obviously a bad pic, but we sat through the Johnny English without committing suicide.

At the hotel I discovered some 'hair' on the tap! Dam I hate dirty places... not going there again!

Had a easy start to the morning - got some pastries at Dominos in the evening so no one had to get up to get breakfast we could actually both get breakfast in bed! was great!  We didn't however sleep that well... the hotel room window faced the Great Eastern Highway so plenty of traffic plus the people on the floor above us was banning against something sounded like they where taking down the tiles in the bathroom.

So during the morning we met up with Fox's cousin had some ice cream, went to buy hair colour so I can cover my greys. Then we set off on the road back home.

Always fun driving with my hubby! Both of us were pretty tired. Got home flipped through the channels watched Maid in Manhattan and slept.

So starts a new week... Hoping Pay day will be ON TIME! bloody hell.

Hoping something good will happen in the week!


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