Monday, 15 August 2011

my pre BDAY non"stress"

Well I remember when my one cousin turned 30 she was in distress! she was going on about the big 30 like it was some anthrax attack! well I was wondering how I would take this milestone in my life...

so far so good.  no racing pulse when I think about it. no horrible nightmares. no nothing... just kinda wishing I was back home with all my friends and family so I could have a big bash with a big cake.  Baking a cake in this stove is a tricky business and I know it would have been so much better back home.

Any way no need to cry over spilled milk.

Hubby got me some "Message in a Cookie" cookie cutters so guess what I'm baking him to say thank you for my bday present... I'm also contemplating writing a couple of ADULT THEMED cookies since when I wanted the cutters his first reactions was ...

FOX:   what do you want to do with these cookie cutters?
{OOO how darft can men be.}
I:         UH I wanne bake cookies for 1 and for 2 I wanne bake messages into them...
FOX:  Like what?
{like anything!}
I:         Like they send you happy bday and so on plus loose alphabet letters so I'm thinking of writing stuff like "ek wil jou naai" (just said that to check for a reaction cause I was worried he had no pulse asking these seriously dumb questions)
FOX:  Well as long as you don't give those cookies to my friend Fanie when I comes to visit.
I:         Great give me you credit card. ( thinking poor Fanie he will turn as read as a tomato reading a message like that on his biscuit before dunking it in his coffee! Poor man will never visit us again!)

Well this gift serves as my 30th bday present... Since our moneys a bit too tight to buy me that pink Kitchen Aid I actually wanted!

Now we have also tried to sell our Red Dodge Nitros

We managed to get a fabulous deal at a Toyota garage on a brand new Isuzu double cab... I never wanted a double cab since it is a very uncomfortable car.  So for now that is what we can afford and that is what I will drive... but wait there is more... according to FOX this thing I didn't want is now my actual bday Gift.

How sweet of you my husband to buy me a car for my 30th.

At least its not red like the dodge!

With all said and done I must admit I love my husband too much! I don't want to be away from him! I just want to laugh with him, watch really dumb movies with him, lay in his arms, play pool with him even when he makes the rules up as he goes!
He is the best and even though I will not get to spend my 30th bday with anyone besides him it will still be OK!


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